bridal and wedding lingerie

What counts just as much as your Wedding Dress on your Big Day? Bridal Lingerie! It is more than a Blue Lacy Garter!

It matters what you wear underneath, from Bras to Basques and Shapewear to stockings all can help to create your final bridal look.
Wearing the perfect Bridal underwear is just as important as it doesn’t just make you feel amazing but also affects how the dress looks too. We can’t stress enough how the correct wedding underwear can make all the difference and it’s important to pick the correct lingerie that suits you.

Wedding Lingerie doesn’t have to be boring and unsexy, with so many styles available we are sure to help you find something that suits. From the good old Padded Bra to the more intricate decorated bustier, you are sure to find something to make your special day even more magical from start to finish.

At our studio you will find our stunning Bridal Lingerie collection of irresistible lace detailed Basques and Bras, along with captivating knickers and Glamorous Designer Garters to ravishing Stockings and Suspender Belts.
Whatever way you want to feel we can ensure you that our professional advisers will make sure you choose the right lingerie for best day of your life where you will feel Beautiful, Comfortable and Supported.

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Commonly Asked Lingerie Questions answered by our designer, Mojgan:

Q. Do I buy the Wedding Dress or Bridal Lingerie first?

A. I would most definitely say the wedding dress first, as you can never guarantee what style of gown you will be walking down the aisle in, everything should go around the bridal gown.
You will not want to have a Basque and then a low back wedding dress they just wouldn’t work together.

Q. Do I need to wear a bra with my dress?

A. I always advise no matter what style wedding dress you are wearing to wear some sort of support. Bridal Lingerie especially Basques and Padded Bras, creates a much better shape for you on your wedding day. Giving your bust support all day and also giving you a better shape on your waist and bust.

Q. Will I need my Lingerie for all my dress fittings?

A. I understand this is not always possible but I recommend that the lingerie is brought before any fittings, as the wrong underwear can alter the fit of the dress completely. When I am doing a made to measure dress I always prefer the lingerie to worn so I can mould the dress to the body beautifully.

Q. Would I feel comfortable?

A. Yes, if your lingerie is fitted well for you, you will be comfortable and supported all day.
What we do in my studio is take all the necessary measurements and then contact our suppliers and determine what size would be the best fit for you. I always make sure the underwear fits correctly and will adjust it personally if I do not find it sitting as it should.

Q. Do I wear a strapless bra or a Bustier?

A. Strapless bras are a no no in my opinion unless its fully padded and wired. Usually they flatten your bust and will drag your breast down, so I always advise a Basque if possible. But I know it all depends on the dress but there are plenty of other alternatives I will always go through with a bride. At the end of the day I want my brides to be comfortable.

Q. Do I need to wear Shapewear?

A. Personally, shapewear I would say wear with any fitted or slinky gown, it is the perfect solution to achieving that smooth silhouette. It will also help with making you feel sexy and comfortable on your special day even though it might not seem like a bride’s ideal choice but you can always change into something a bit sexier later on.
If the wedding dress is quite full skirted shapewear will not really make any difference and at this point I would usually recommend Basque for that fitted feel.

Q. Do I have to wear a garter?

A. Wearing a garter is completely up to bride. Traditionally a garter is worn to hold up stockings on the bride’s legs, however a Bride opts to wear one without the stockings as their something blue for good luck on the marriage.
There is also the tradition where the groom removes the garter and will then toss it to any unmarried male guests in the similar fashion of the bride’s bouquet.

Q. What’s the most common Lingerie piece that gets forgotten?

A. Something special for the honeymoon, with the lead up to the big day there are so many things to get sorted and it is mostly concentrating about the one day. However I think the honeymoon is just as important as it’s your first moments as husband and wife and something you truly want to remember. And why not feel sexy on your honeymoon? Your new partner in life will most defiantly appreciate it.

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